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R H Johnston biblical papers etc

Page history last edited by R H Johnston 1 year, 4 months ago

Richard Johnston Biblical Papers etc.


This material was created over a very long period of time, and he would not necessarily now still hold the same views expressed.  "Test all things, and hold fast to that which is good"


Annotated bible up to about 1993


Prayer and Prophecy:


Brief Notes on Prayer that works R H Johnston

(spoken ministry part 1 Camberley, 2000, mp3)  (spoken ministry part 2 Camberley, 2000, mp3)


An Introduction to Intercessory Prayer R H Johnston (spoken ministry Colehill 1994 mp3)


Starting to prophesy R H Johnston


Assessing Today's Prophets and Prophecies R H Johnston


The Baptism in the Holy Spirit R H Johnston - more than most, this paper was intended to be used as a study guide and is difficult to follow without studying the referenced Bible passages closely.


The Gift of Tongues R H Johnston



General Ministry


Jesus Christ is Risen from the dead R H Johnston - Christ's Resurrection is the core gospel message


The Resurrection of Jesus Christ R H Johnston - Christ's Resurrection is the core gospel message (spoken ministry Camberley 2002 mp3)


The Spirit of the Lord is upon me (Luke 4:18-19)  R H Johnston (spoken ministry Camberley 1993, mp3)



Evangelism and Creation  R H Johnston - spoken ministry Camberley 1994, mp3


The 3rd commandment:Taking God's Name in Vain R H Johnston


The Scriptures - on the need to see the bigger picture (spoken ministry Camberley 1994, mp3)


Teaching from Ephesians - part of series in which other people took the missing bits:


Parallels between Ephesians chapters 1 to 3 and 4 to 6 notes    
Parallels between Ephesians 1 to 3 and 4 to 6: Spoken ministry (more detailed, Camberley 1994, mp3)


Overview of Ephesians chapters 1 to 3 (spoken ministry Camberley 1994, mp3)


Ephesians 1 v1-14 Spiritual Blessings Bible notes R H Johnston- an extract from his annotated bible, from which he could speak without special preparation.  For other people, it needs close attention to get the best from it, and can be used as a guide as to how to annotate a Bible from meditation.  Denis Clark had similar but more limited annotations to his bible - his were limited to to emboldening and bible references only, done using a very fine pen with Indian ink.

(Ephesians 1 v3-14 Spiritual blessings spoken ministry Camberley 1994, mp3)






Teaching from John's gospel - part of a series in which other people took the missing bits:


Healing and controversy John 4v43 to 5v18 R H Johnston


John 9 The Man born blind with an appendix drama playlet R H Johnston

(spoken ministry Camberley 2004, mp3)


Peter's denial of Christ (John 18) R H Johnston

(spoken ministry Camberley 2004, mp3)


John 21 Commissioning of Peter as Shepherd R H Johnston - the paper on Peter's denial in John 18 should be read before this one

Uncomfortable textual issues arising from John 21 R H Johnston




Divine judgement's close relationship to salvation R H Johnston


The Peril of religious observances almsgiving (Matthew 6) R H Johnston



Why God's Greatest saints failed:



Elijah's flight to Horeb 1 Kings 19v1-18 R H Johnston

(spoken ministry Camberley 1996, mp3)


The cause of Paul's captivity - stubbornness R H Johnston


Peter's denial of Christ (John 18) R H Johnston (same as above in John series)

(spoken ministry Camberley 2004, mp3)


Pastoral issues



Effective Christian fellowship R H Johnston


The Character of Christian Leadership R H Johnston


The Gospel of Christ liberates woman to fulfil her creation role R H Johnston


Selecting a wife Genesis 24 R H Johnston


Overcoming under Trial James 1 R H Johnston

(Enduring under trial (James 1) R H Johnston - spoken ministry Camberley 2002, mp3)




Controversies and misunderstandings


An introduction to predestination R H Johnston - follows the line of thinking of Denis Clark, and overturns traditional notions of what predestination is about.


Thy Kingdom Come: Is the Kingdom Now? R H Johnston- discourages the idea that Christians should seek to rule the world in the present age


Temple of Ezekiel chapters 40-48 R H Johnston - A true prophecy but one that will now never be fulfilled


Revival should it be sought? R H Johnston- Explains why seeking "Revival" (as commonly understood)  from God is a mistake


Divine Healing of the Mind R H Johnston - argues that the Biblical answer to mental illness is obedience to the Gospel


Once saved always - stubborn R H Johnston a refutation of the Once Saved always saved doctrine as presented by a leading Calvinist author


By Man came death R H Johnston - explores the scope of the truth of this statement


Towards a Biblical approach to knowledge R H Johnston


Question time: answers some hard questions

- a) what is the essence of the gospel?

- b) What is the difference between the"good works/deeds" in Matthew 5:16 which are to be done in public and the charitable deeds/acts of righteousness in Matthew 6:1 which are to be done in secret?

 - c) I can't find the word "Trinity" in the Bible: from a Biblical perspective, how then do you understand the relationship of the Father Son and Holy Spirit?

- d) Jesus says that if my brother sins and he repents I must forgive him even if he repeats this 70x7 times. But does scripture therefore demand that I
forgive someone even if they haven't repented of their sin against me? Or are there other issues I need to think about?

- e) In 1 Corinthians 14 Paul wrote that "Women should keep silent in the churches". Is this the last word on the subject, or has this text been misinterpreted? So what, biblically, can women do?


James the Just a Misunderstood figure in the New Testament R H Johnston - At the time of Acts 15, James was the mediator between opposing Christian factions, and probably closer to Jesus' mind then most contemporaries


Uncomfortable textual issues arising from John 21 R H Johnston

Romans Revisited - understanding it in its historical context


Miscellaneous helpful material for study:


Which Bible Version is best to use? R H Johnston


How to edgemark your Bible with the book titles for easy referencing R H Johnston


Order of the Books in the Hebrew Bible R H Johnston



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